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Cannabis & Cancer: University of Alberta reports positive results

Forward thinking and in-depth research is shedding more light on the many uses of marijuana for medical applications.

…The majority (73 per cent) of those in the THC group said their enjoyment of food increased compared with 30 per cent of those in the placebo group, Prof. Wendy Wismer of the University of Alberta and her co-authors reported in the journal Annals of Oncology…..”Our findings are important as there is no accepted treatment for chemosensory alterations experienced by cancer patients,” the study’s authors concluded…..

Dispensaries Across Canada Join to Form CAMCD; Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Patients across Canada have been able to have Medical Marijuana for nearly 15 years now, however, consistency has been an issue.

The goal of CAMCD (Canadian Association for Medical Cannabis Dispensaries) is to ensure a consistent and high level of care when it comes to the medicine provided to the patients, as well as the business practices that are followed.

Over a period of time, this coalition will put together a Certification Process based on their operational practice and will be enforced across Canada for any new dispensary that may want to open up.

Petition Obama to Pardon Pot Activist Marc Emery

September 26th, 2011

CANNABIS CULTURE – The White House has launched a new website giving citizens the opportunity to electronically petition President Obama, who will respond to issues that receive more than 5,000 signatures in 30 days. Sign the petition asking Obama to pardon imprisoned Canadian marijuana activist Marc Emery!