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Cannabis Buds


  1. Triple A Kush ($10/gram) Clean burning, smooth smoke with calm focusing effects.  Great for sleep.
  2. Pink Kush ( $10/gram) A potent variety with that unmistakable, dank Kush smell, bursting with trichomes. Jar Cured
  3. Fire Kush ($10/gram) Very strong all around body high which is great for pain and assisting with sleep.  Clean burning with a musky-floral like smell and taste.
  4. Bubba Kush ($10/gram) Smooth taste with a sleepy lazy feel that is great for insomnia and stress.
  5. Purple Kush ($9/gram) Smooth smoke and clean burning, with a great taste.  Good for stimulating appetite, inducing sleep, and relaxation.
  6. Master Kush ($8/gram) Uplifting, for a Kush. Pleasant all over body buzz.  Smooth smoke.  Read our best cbd cigarettes review.
  7. Kush ($7/gram) Great Kush smell and taste. Very clean burning, smooth smoke and white ash. Great for relaxation.


  1. Congolese by High Integrity ($11/gram) Very rare strain of pure Sativa; extremely strong head high, tangy taste, and a pungent smell. Jar Cured
  2. Sweet Skunk by High Integrity ($11/gram) Very sociable high that is uplifting, strong, and long lasting.  The plant is coated in mature trichomes that shine like diamonds.   Very beautifully done; rarely do you find a sweet skunk this nice. Sweet citrus taste, with a clean burning ash. Jar Cured
  3. Jack Flash ($8/gram) Very smooth smoke, and great tasting. Very social high. Puts you in a good mood. Great for depression and day time applications.


  1. Godbud ($10 / gram) Indica dominant. Very tight and sticky buds; smoke is potent and highly expansive.
  2. Cheese ($9/gram) Sativa dominant. A smooth smoke with a pleasant cheese smell. Great for inducing your apatite.
  3. Diesel ($8/gram) Light citrus taste, with a clean burning, smooth smoke, and a nice white ash. The high is uplifting and creatively stimulating, making it optimal for day time application. Can be good for focus.
  4. Astroboy a.k.a. Watermelon ($8/gram) Sweet fruity taste with a strong social high.  Great anytime of the day.
  5. Headband ($7.50/gram) Has a smooth head-hugging smoke with a pleasant euphoric feeling.  Good for reducing anxiety and heightened awareness.
  6. Seaweed ($6.50/gram) Sweet citrus smell with a smooth, yet potent smoke; very strong head high.


  1. Headband ($26/3.5 grams)
  2. Headband ($52/7 grams)
  3. Diesel ($27/3.5 grams)
  4. Diesel ($53/ 7 grams)
  5. Sweet Skunk ($35/3.5 grams)
  6. Sweet Skunk ($70/7 grams)

Hashish, Kif, and Honey Oil

Honey Oil: Made using a vacuum-purified method. Extremely potent! Only a tiny amount is required, not much bigger than a pin head in size.  Best used on a clean bed of ash in a pipe or water bong.  The sticky viscous texture is similar to honey. Preparation is best using a pin or otherwise similar tool. Inquire for more details.

  1. Sweet Skunk Honey Oil ($70/gram, $35/ half gram) Sativa
  2. Mango Haze Honey Oil ($70/gram, $35/ half gram) Sativa
  3. Rockstar Honey Oil ($60/ gram, $30/ half gram) Indica
  4. High Integrity Mix Bubble Hash ($35/gram) A smooth and delicious, sweet smelling blend of High Integrity’s finest strains. Great to relieve tension, aches, and pains; has an instant calming and relaxing mind and body high.
  5. High Integrity Indica Mix Bubble Hash ($30/gram) Very potent with a great taste and strong immediate onset.  Great for aiding in sleep and helping ease pain.  Very sticky and malleable. Delicious!
  6. Polar Cap Bubble Hash ($25/gram) Very Strong!  Soft and malleable.  Uplifting yet relaxing high.  Good for daytime use in small doses.  Quick onset, give focus and mental stimulation.  More sedative effects in larger doses (for more experienced smokers with high tolerance or pain)
  7. Bubba Kush Bubble Hash ($25/gram) Uplifting, and very nice head high. Very smooth smoke.
  8. Purple Kush Bubble Hash ($25 / gram) Nice body high.  Good for relaxation and pain relief.  Great after taste.
  9. Sativa Bubble Hash ($20/gram) Extremely uplifting, energetic high.  Quick onset, long lasting high, puts you in a great mood every time.
  10. Indica Kif ($18/gram) Great for spicing up joints for that extra kick; or in a pipe or water bong. Smooth tasting smoke. Mellow euphoric effects.  Good for focus, and easing tension and stress.
  11. Pressed Dry Bubble Hash ($15/gram) Good for pain.  Very mellow and relaxing.  Smooth smoke.

Tinctures and Hash-Oil Capsules

  1. Special K Cannabis Tincture ($28/30mL) Spray/Drop 1-2 times under the tongue, or until desired medicinal effect is reached.  Quickly absorbs into system, providing rapid relief.  Perfect for those looking for alternatives to smoking.
  2. Hash-oil Capsule Packs ($20 each pack) 3 strengths available per dosage. Made using honey oil diluted in olive oil.
    Strong doses have 2 caps per pack, and come with a STRONG WARNING. Strong is NOT for everyone! Medium packs have 4 caps per pack and are recommended for the average-experienced user, or in the evening.  Light Doses have 7 caps per pack and are recommended for less experienced users, or those looking for an effect suitable for during the day. *WARNING*strong doses are ONLY for the MOST experienced users, looking for a VERY STRONG effect. These will knock you out!


  1. THC Lotion ($20/Small, $45/Large) For relief of Arthritis, Eczema & Psoriasis.  Helps heal typical flesh wounds and is great for dry and irritated skin.


  1. 420 Honey ($5/Shot, $20/small jar, $40/large jar) Each Serving = 1 Tbsp (Large Dose) or 1 Tsp (Small Dose).   Servings per  jar (Tbsp):  Small-4, Large-8. Use in tea or cold drinks, or instead of regular honey in any recipe!
  2. Chocolate Bar ($8 each) Yummy! Everybody loves a chocolate bar made with Indica butter.  Great for relaxation and pain relief. (double-dose)
  3. Chocolate Chunks ($5 each) A delicious melt in your mouth chocolate treat, available in milk or dark chocolate.  Suggested to only take half first.
  4. Brownie ($5 each) Made with Honey-Oil infused Olive Oil. Very potent. Eat Half only to start. Long lasting pain relief.
  5. Sugar Free Brownie ($5 each) Made with very potent Indica butter. Made with unsweetened chocolate and Splenda.  Long lasting pain relief. Great for diabetics!!
  6. Lemonade or Ice Tea ($5 each) Made with the 420 Honey, this already prepared refreshment is a quick and easy way to relieve your discomfort.
  7. Re”Marc”able Foods – Cinnamon Cardamom Cookie ($5 each) Sativa dominant. Very potent uplifting feeling.  Recommend only half to start.
  8. Maple Fudge ($5/each) Great maple flavor. Very strong. Try half first.  Great for pain relief.
  9. Sugar Cookies($5/each) This delicate sugary treat would go well with your morning or evening coffee to help manage those aches and pains.
  10. Chocolate Chip  or Peanut Butter Cookie (3 for $10 or $4 each) Great tasting cookies with an Indica base. Crisp at the edges, soft in the middle, and pretty much sums up what everyone is looking for in a cookie.