Marijuana’s journey to legal health treatment: the Canadian experience

June 20th, 2011

‘Smoking [medical marijuana] is not recommended. Some individuals use marijuana in foods, teas or with a vaporizer’—Information about best cbd cigarettes review

World Leaders Seek Drug Legalization

June 4th, 2011

On Thursday June 2 2011 a report was released calling the global “war on drugs” a failure.  Former presidents of several countries and luminaries are encouraging nations to pursue legalizing and regulating drugs as a way to put a stop to violence inherent in the illegal drug market.

The full report will be available at

National Standards Set by Canada’s Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

June 1st, 2011

In Ottawa on Tuesday, May 31st, nine directors came together to announce the Canadian Association of Medicinal Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD).  The CAMCD was established to ensure consistently high-quality patient care is available across the country, and to create a certification system for dispensaries as a solution to the Health Canada failed medical marijuana program.

One of the founding directors of CAMCD, Rade Kovacevic, stated “Our innovative service delivery model has been successful for 15 years; Now is a crucial time to come together to create a nationwide system to ensure the highest standard of care for patients.”

Together the nine founding directors and advisory board members represent over 20,000 patients who access dispensaries.  Rielle Capler, a health care administrator and advisory board member said “Our association is dedicated to facilitating the transition of medical cannabis dispensaries to a fully licit and regulated healthcare service; The need for this has been identified by health care providers and patients alike.”

To find out more about the Canadian Association of Medicinal Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD) please follow the links posted below.